Pre 70's World Final

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Pre 70's World Final

Post  Crewie#34 on Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:16 am

# 22.
talking during races - 2 week ban
not leaving chat during races - 2 week ban
pulling the wool over the DP team to get round a ban - 4 week ban
8 weeks + the 2 weeks suspended, now non suspended =
10 week Ban, non-negotiable!

# 225.
Sandbagging - 2 weeks Ban
infielding ( x 2 ) - 4 weeks ban
swearing - 2 weeks ban
8 weeks ban

# 720.
Swearing - 2 weeks ban (doubled due to previous similar offence)
4 week ban

# 817.
Swearing - 2 week ban
not leaving chat during racing - 2 week ban
4 weeks ban

not leaving chat during races - 2 week ban
signed into MSN whilst racing - 2 week ban
cheat messages - 4 week ban
lossy driving standards - 2 week suspended
8 weeks ban

not leaving chat during races - 2 week ban
abuse/swearing via pm 2 weeks ban ( doubled due to previous/similar offence)
6 week ban

talking in race - 2 week ban
2 week ban

not leaving chat during races - 2 week ban
2 weeks ban - Appealed, ban overturned.

Drivers are warned that a rule change as of now, where you are found to re-offend i.e. constant counts of swearing. etc etc, your bans will now be doubled/trebbled etc for the amount of times that you re-offend. Swear and get dp action over it 3 times and you will now get 3 x 2 weeks bans = 6 weeks.

Also due to the amount of numbskulls or plain simple ignorant people that dont exit chat whilst racing/leave MSN on whilst racing, you will now be rewarded with instant 2 week bans for these offences, it causes warp and ruins everyone elses nights, why should the majority suffer for the ignorant minority!

All above drivers are allowed to race this weeks coming Team meeting before having to run their bans.
Be warned that the DP team are looking into changing this rule for the future!

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