21/11/13 Domestic - 1994 Smallfield +8

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21/11/13 Domestic - 1994 Smallfield +8

Post  Lee606 on Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:56 am

Non Points Meeting,Usual Rules Apply.
The Domesic series 4rd Round. The domestic series is an extension to the established OldSkool series.Throw your airbrush in the bin! Get the 2 inch paintbrush out,The rougher the better! Its a Domestic not a big meeting final!

Non Points Heats
Final - which will be the only national points race of the night.

The downloads are all up to date now so theres no excuses,You must use the correct mod & have UPDATE 4 Any cheat messages and you will get your arse kicked

Its all here........ http://wedsnightbangers.findtalk.biz/downloads-skinpacks-f5/main-mod-and-updates-download-t4.htm
The new mod MUST be used.

Track for Heats - Smallfield
Track for Final - Smallfield8

Start time 8:30pm.

pack >>> mediafire.com download/ymi3sfb8u0rd7b6/TNB+Domestic+Smallfield+1994+-+2013.exe

The Rules >>> http://wedsnightbangers.findtalk.biz/information-f2/tnb-basic-rules-2010-t64.htm#487

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